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LET CDI Splunk Up Your Life!

Got Splunk? Thinking about Splunk? Purchased, but not yet deployed Splunk? Or deployed Splunk, but it's not yet optimized? CDI’s experts are ready to help Splunk up your life!

With CDI’s acquisition of world class Splunk integrator, Kintyre, we can make sure you’re taking full advantage of everything Splunk’s consolidated platform for observability and investigation offers across your entire estate – from security to infrastructure and applications.

Splunk uses the industry’s most comprehensive and powerful combination of solutions designed to help DevSecOps teams tackle new observability and investigation challenges that other tools simply can’t effectively address.

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Splunk Consulting Packages


Initial deployment and installation of the components via proven, repeatable tools and processes to quickly enable time-to-market and value, without cutting corners and delivering a platform that will be simple to support and maintain. Start seeing value from your Splunk platform investment in weeks rather than months!


Scale your Splunk platform to support new requirements and stakeholders. Leverage CDI to identify, deploy, and optimize data sources and Splunk Apps that will immediately enable deeper insights into your environment. Together, we will unlock the potential of your current investment and help you create a competitive advantage.


Performing regular system health checks helps ensure that your Splunk infrastructure is stable and at minimal risk. We analyze your implementation against known best practices concurrent with an envisioning exercise for your optimal platform and deliver a gap analysis and remediation plan to ensure success.

Splunk Use Cases


Splunk consolidates all of your machine data into one repository and platform, where users in various roles can look at the same monitoring & investigative insights from various perspectives.


With end-to-end visibility and continuous, real-time monitoring across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid services, the Splunk® platform helps IT teams strengthen their security posture and gain valuable insights across the entire organization. Use out-of-the-box or custom correlations, searches, and visualizations of all data types to identify malicious activity, optimize threat detection and streamline incident response. Splunk Enterprise Security also helps organizations establish a historical baseline for audits and adhere to compliance requirements.


The Splunk® platform helps organizations monitor and troubleshoot their mission-critical infrastructure and applications. Using Splunk software, IT teams can gain visibility into the entire technology stack to reduce mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) and improve uptime and availability of applications and infrastructure. The Splunk platform is scalable, available, and easy to deploy on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid approach, and correlates data from multiple different sources.


Your business relies on applications to handle nearly every process. So when these applications deliver a poor customer experience, your reputation, revenue, and competitive advantage are at risk. Only insight across applications and the infrastructure they run on can set you up for success. As application architectures continue to evolve, new challenges and opportunities are created. With Splunk software, you can monitor and troubleshoot new architectures with confidence—whether that includes microservices, PaaS services, containers, or mobile apps.


Splunk software collects, analyzes, and visualizes real-time and historical machine data from any source—including operational technology, connected assets, and products—enabling you to improve operations, ensure safety and compliance, perform predictive maintenance, and better manage the uptime and availability of industrial assets. Use Splunk to harness the power of the machine data generated by devices, control systems, sensors, SCADA systems, networks, applications, and end-users connected by industrial networks.